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The 9/11 Man Theme Song

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Lyrics are mine, but with a hat tip to the excellent Tom Tomorrow and this classic Onion article for the inspiration, as well as the original Spider-Man theme song.

9/11 man, 9/11 man
Does whatever 9/11 can
Makes bold claims, every size
Just like Bush, they’re all lies
Look out! Here comes 9/11 man.

Is he dumb? Listen man
Now he wants to bomb Iran
Can he be that corrupt?
Take a look, there’s Bernard Kerik
Hey there, there goes 9/11 man!

In the chill of night
On the city’s dime
With the help of NYPD
His mistress is right on time…

9/11 man, 9/11 man
Friendly crossdressing 9/11 man
The FDNY, he’s ignored
9/11 was his reward

To him, life is a big terror attack
Even when it comes to Iraq
You’ll find the 9/11 man!


Written by Eric

December 4, 2007 at 11:42 am

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