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About Me:

Contrary to what the title of this blog might imply, I’m actually a pretty modest guy. Well, mostly. I no longer attempt to take over the world on a semi-regular basis, anyway.

Vital stats – I’m 24, which isn’t too interesting. I work in the IT field, though not in any interesting capacity (my semi-official title is “the computer guy”). I live in the vast suburbs of New York City that comprise most of New Jersey, which most certainly isn’t interesting.

And oh yes ladies, I’m single ;-).

I’m a geek. A computer geek, web geek, and gadget geek, mostly. I have further interests in science, science fiction, technology, video games, and politics. I was a psych major back in my far more interesting college days, which I owe to my fascination with human beings and this crazy society they’ve built.

Did I mention I was single? Best get moving ladies; you know I won’t be on the market for long with a self description like this.

About Who Really Killed JFK:

I had nothing to do with it, I swear.

About This Blog:

The immodest title was suggested by a friend way back when. It’s since stuck because I haven’t thought of anything better, plus I’m enamored by the fact that she thinks I’m great.

As mentioned above, I enjoy writing. Musings of the Great Eric evolved mostly because of that. Simply, I write stuff. It goes here.

Most of the posts are culled from the discussions and arguments I get into on internet fora. Consequently, most of the content here is non fiction on random topics, spliced together into essay form. (If the posts ever seem a little disjointed, that’s why – it’s because they’re largely taken from a one sided conversation).

I should mention that I suffer from a minor dyslexia, which occasionally results in me typing a completely different word than the one I intended, which I miss even after repeated re-reading. Plus, I’m prone to other grammatical errors. On that count, I have nothing to blame but less-than-vigorous proofreading. Also, I’m prone to writing run on sentences. That’s just sloppy style though and isn’t likely to change. But by all means, if you spot a syntax error in any of these posts, do kindly let me know and I’ll happily fix it.

New major posts or essays go live every Friday, though you may occasionally see occasional one off comments, links, and further discussion posted here during the rest of the week.

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July 31, 2007 at 1:38 pm

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